Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust have been commissioning courses for our research nurses and midwives from Clinfield for the past 7 years. I have been impressed by the quality of the courses and the positive feedback we have received from participants. Also excellent value for money and avoids the need for us to arrange these courses internally.

Christine Norton PhD MA RN, Professor of Nursing, London

We receive a lot of feedback about our courses. To date, 98% of our delegates have told us they would recommend the course they attended to a colleague. Here are a few of their comments:

Developing Yourself in Clinical Research

Overall, a great day and a hot lunch- bonus!

Afeez, London

A very useful, informative and inspirational course.

Sanela, London

Informative and enjoyable day, great to share experiences and questions with research colleagues and excperience facilitators.

Helen, Cambridge

Excellent course, would really recommend in thinking of developing your role in research. Highly recommend!!!

Carole, Nottingham

Informed Consent

Very relative and informative day, especially to those new to research.

Vernisha, Southend

As a non-clinical member of staff, this course has given me valuable insight into the important considerations needed for obtaining informed consent for research, I highly recommend!

Farah, London

A very thorough overview of informed consent in research. A real insight into the issues and practicalities of informed consent.

Rachel, Ipswich

The facilitators explained in an engaging way many facts about the consent process and the design of patient information. Their experience makes them a knowledgeable team and their passion or ethical research is infectious!

Kathryn, London

Clinical Research: Getting Started!

Another informative and inspiring Clinfield day facilitated by engaging speakers- many thanks!

Kat, London

This course is great preparation for the research world, I highly to recommend to anyone new to clinical research.

Silvia, London

A very helpful course for anyone new to the 'research world' but also beneficial for those who have been working in research for a while as it confirms your knowledge and gives you a great refresher of regulations.

Monica, London

This day helped explain in depth and validate why we do the things we do in practice, great day!

Layla, Imperial

Lab Skills for Clinical Research Staff

I learnt so much, I feel more confident about dealing with samples in the lab.

Sarah, St Mary's

The practical session were immensely helpful and the morning theory session gave us why we do what we do in the lab to keep safe and maintain our sample integrity. I highly recommend to gain confidence in the lab, it really puts your mind at ease.

Lucy, Oxford

A great day, the hands on lab practice was hugely helpful and VERY approachable helpful facilitators, I learnt so much, thank you.

Karen, London

I found the course very useful, informative and delivered at the right pace. I would not change anything about this day, both theory and practice session were enjoyable and I learnt a great deal, thank you.

Snezhina, Imperial

Applying for Ethical Opinion in the NHS

Really informative course, it has increased my interest in ethical review from something 'necessary' to something quite 'interesting'. Thanks.

Allen, London

A wonderful day to develop a better understanding of the ethical approval process. Thank you.

Anna-Maria, London

Great interactive session with a lot of information and knowledge taken away, great day!

Priscilla, London

Excellent workshop for any researcher who wishes to gain comprehensive knowledge of applying for ethical opinion in the NHS. I can highly recommend!

Naresh, London

Meeting the challenges of recruitment and retention in clinical research

Informative and thoroughly enjoyable day. I am inspired and I am sure that will help with recruitment for the studies I am working on!

Sarah, Brighton

The course was lively and engaging and gave me lots of new ideas to put into practice.

Rebecca, Imperial

I have really benefited from today's session. Having two very experienced tutors in research and their examples of recruiting and retention strategies has been very relevant and help me think outside the box. I can now see the bigger picture.

Azin, Royal Brompton

A very useful session especially for starters. I gained new ideas which can be used by anybody in clinical research. I highly recommend this course to anyone working in clinical research.

Dolly, Royal Brompton