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Informed Consent (four-part webinar series)

8 July 2020 at

The aim of this webinar series is to provide delegates with a practical overview of the process and requirements for seeking informed consent to undertake research in the NHS.

During this four-part webinar series we will examine: 

  • the nature of informed consent for research as well as the essential components of informed consent according to GCP.
  • the legal and ethical requirements with which researchers must comply when seeking informed consent for research.
  • the role of the research nurse or practitioner in obtaining informed consent.
  • preparation of participant information sheets and consent forms.
  • seeking informed consent in more complex situations, including research involving children, emergency situations and adults who lack capacity to consent.

July 8th 19:00-20:15 Introduction to informed consent

July 15th 19:00-20:15 Legal and ethical considerations when seeking informed consent

July 22th 19:00-20:15 The role of the researcher when seeking informed consent

July  29th 19:00-20:15 Seeking informed consent in complex situations

Course Facilitators: Dr Leslie Gelling and Kelly Gleason