Building Careers in Clinical Research 3rd annual conference

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Thank you to everyone who attended this year’s clinical research conference and to all the speakers who were incredibly motivating and inspiring on the day.  It’s true that we sometimes get so caught up in the struggles of our daily work that we forget to look back and see how far we’ve come. As I listened to the speakers on the day, I could be nothing but impressed by this amazing group of healthcare professionals – for all you’ve achieved but also for the energy and passion for shaping the future of healthcare research and service.

The role of the healthcare professional in research continues to grow and evolve.  Some of this evolution is likely due to the demands of the system, but some of it is because the people doing this work are looking for ways to develop themselves, their service and better ways of delivering patient care.

I am always amazed and inspired when I see people find ways to thrive in these new roles. It seems such roles offer enough autonomy and ambiguity to allow individuals to test boundaries and to find new ways to share their talents and to continue to grow – both personally and professionally.

For everyone who is part of this incredible research engine, delivering and developing healthcare in the NHS, keep up the great work…

Conference slides can be viewed via the links below:

The time is Now? Key Note Speaker Marcia Saunders, Independent Chair, Health Education North West London

The time is now

Competency Based Clinical Research Appraisals Anita Holme and Emma Munro

Research Nurse Competencies and APDR

Panel Discussion: Will raising awareness of clinical research and its impact on healthcare improve recruitment? Chair Gordon Hill

Louise Wood, Communication Director, NIHR

Mystery shopper initiative

Adrienne Clarke, Oncology Clinical Team Manager, GSK


Dr Sabita Uthaya, Ethics Chair, Riverside NRES REC

Ethics Chair, consultant, investigator

Saffron Pineger


Research nurse to nurse researcher Jon Hassler-Hurst

Research nurse to nurse researcher

The role of Health Education England and its implications for clinical researchers Key Note Speaker Dr Lisa Bayliss-Pratt, Director of Nursing HEE

Lisa Bayliss Pratt Director Nursing HEE

Strategic Priorities for the Clinical Research Nurse Fiona O’Neil, NIHR

Strategic Priorities for the NIHR Clinical Research Workforce

RCN Capitalising on the contribution of nurses to clinical research in the UK Gordon Hill

Capitalising of the Contribution of Nurses to Clinical Research

Part-time researcher, part-time midwife: finding a happy balance Rebecca Cavallaro

Part-time researcher, part-time clinical midwife

Thank you for a great year, we look forward to seeing you in 2014.

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