How to make fake blood for a safe lab skills practical

Posted on by Kelly Gleason in Lab Skills, Research

To make fake blood for a safe lab skills practical, make a solution with following ingredients and proportions:

10% golden syrup

50% sesame oil

40% H2O

Add 10 drops of red food colouring

The solution will naturally separate so give it a gentle shake.

0P6A2021 (1)










Once shaken it will look like this.

0P6A2023 (1)










You can then decant the blood into blood tubes. They are now ready for centrifugation.

0P6A2048 (1)








After centrifugation you get a very realistic sample that separates like blood to practice pipetting.








Note of caution: this solution is very oily so be careful not to get any on your clothes.

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